Respect & Attitude - the key to success

Hoe Ka Wa‘a

Once we embrace respect and an open, trusting attitude towards our paddling ‘ohana, we are ready to embark on a journey of self‐discovery to explore our limits and develop our potential. In the canoe, we leave our worries on the shore and focus on working together as a crew. Each paddler contributes in proportion to their level of conditioning and skill, but with the added elements of respect and attitude, the crew can be far greater than the sum of its paddlers.

Respect and attitude require mental conditioning and can be developed through the practice of meditation, social interaction, and conscious application to all your activities of daily living. Physical conditioning, however, requires practice, practice, practice! Whether paddling, swimming, running, cycling, yoga, weightlifting, or surfing; your level of conditioning is proportional to how much time you devote to strenuous physical activity on a regular basis. Some paddlers are only able to practice during scheduled times, 2‐4 times a week, but the more time you put into it, the stronger and healthier you and your crew will be. Of course, to engage in any sport, much attention must also be given to proper nutrition and hydration to attain peak performance. This is an important consideration that is open to discussion but varies with each individual depending on their body type, age, health and other factors.

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